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Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg

Title: Take a Bow
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
Publication date: April 1, 2012
Genres: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Music
Plot: Emme has long lived in her best friend Sophie's shadow. She writes songs, and Sophie sings them. It's always been like this, and feels like it always will be.
Sophie will stop at nothing to be a star. Even if it means using her best friend and picking up a trophy boyfriend, Carter.
Carter is a victim of a particular Hollywood curse: He's a former child star. Now all he wants is a normal life. But being normal is about as hard for him as being famous.
Ethan has his own issues -- a darkness in his head that he just can't shake. He's managed to sabotage every relationship he's ever been in. Emme's the only girl he's ever really respected . . . but he's not sure what to do about that

My Review: This book was really good! I loved the four different point of views and how Carter's was kind of like reading a script. I also loved Emme as a character. She was really sweet to everyone, even to her catty best friend. But when it all goes up in shreds she's not totally afraid to make her voice be heard (Not her singing, it did take a while for her to that.).
There were a couple of things that I didn't like though.
Number one- Sophie. I had really high hopes for her (I think I watch to much Once Upon a Time, I'm starting to think that every antagonist can be redeemed). But she kind of threw that hope right back at my face. There were times where Sophie would say that Emme was a good friend, then the next minute, she's saying how selfish Emme is. I kind of wanted to shake Sophie and say make up your mind! In the end she did though. I could go on and on about her, but if I do... then there would be to many spoilers!
Number two- Ethan. It's hard to go into him spoiler free. But I can say that I do like him better than I do Sophie. In the book you find out relatively quick that Ethan had a girlfriend who he would always cheat on. You find out towards the end the reason why he cheated. I don't agree with his reasons. They don't make him look any better, to me it kind of made him look worse. But his story ended in a way that I could forgive him for his mistakes.
I would give this book 4/5 stars. It was well written and had me engaged from the start.
Happy Reading!

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